Are tights and stockings bought at Shein or Temu safe?

Are cheap tights and stockings purchased from Shein or Temu safe?

Tights and stockings from Shein and Temu attract with a large selection and an affordable price. Is it worth buying them?

When it comes to quality, Temu tights and Shein stockings are known to not last for years, but we often buy them for a one-time occasion (especially patterned tights or thin stockings).

Our health is more important than quality. We wear tights and stockings on bare skin, often without underwear. We must remember that when choosing products from outside the European Union, most often from China, we run the risk that the quality not only does not meet our expectations, but these products may also harm us.

Shein and Temu ships tights and stockings directly from China and is therefore not obliged to comply with European Union standards.

Lead, cadmium, chromium or what we can find in tights and stockings from Temu and Shein.

What exactly do we find in cheap tights and stockings? The list is quite long and most of these substances are banned in the European Union for health safety reasons. However, it may happen that we are tempted by an exceptionally low price and are then faced with, for example:
• Dyes – in most cases, fabric fibers are harmless to us, but the dyes they contain can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. They can cause allergies and dermatitis, especially when tights and stockings come into close contact with the skin.
• SVHC – Substances of Very High Concern – these include, among other things, substances with carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductively toxic properties. In addition, they can cause serious harm to the environment or human health by damaging the endocrine systems of humans and animals.
• Formaldehyde – belongs to the group of crosslinkers that prevent wrinkles. A person exposed to it may experience breathing problems, chest pain, cough, runny nose, or headache.
• Heavy metals – lead or cadmium – are often responsible for colorful patterns on tights and stockings.
• Pesticides – may be present in tights that have been sprayed to protect against pests.

Nobody can confirm under what circumstances the tights and stockings from China are stored and transported. It is often a journey “halfway around the world” that takes a very long time – and requires the use of more chemicals to protect against mold and fungi. These chemicals can be harmful to both the wearer and the environment.
Therefore, let's choose products from companies that ensure compliance with regulations and standards.

Certificates for tights and stockings
The certificates are intended to ensure that the tights and stockings we purchase meet certain chemical safety standards and are suitable for direct skin contact. These labels guarantee that clothing has been tested and meets certain standards, which can help you choose products that are safe for your health and well-being.
Oeko-Tex certification is an international standard in the textile industry that ensures clothing has been tested for harmful chemicals. This certificate is intended to protect against potential health risks, for example from substances that are carcinogenic, allergenic or toxic to humans. If a garment has this certificate, it means that it has been tested and meets certain chemical safety criteria.

All tights and stockings offered by Nylon Addict are made in the EU and have an Oeko-Tex certificate. By purchasing tights and stockings from European brands, you can ensure that the hosiery you wear on your bare skin is safe and does not pose a threat to health. This provides protection against possible harmful effects of wearing tights and stockings, such as: skin irritations, allergies or reactions to chemical substances.

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