Buying Tights and Stockings at Amazon - is it worth it?


Is shopping on Amazon for tights and stockings really the cheapest? The answer is no. There are fees that sellers must pay to sell on Amazon, and for small items like tights and stockings, online retailers can often offer better prices. At least this is the case for Nylon Addict - our prices for tights and stockings are better than Amazon.

Returns are easy on Amazon - that's the good thing. The bad news is that the return shipping cost is somehow included in the Amazon price. So if you know the brand/product and don't plan on returning it, you will be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

New collections/trends
The Amazon algorithm does not support new trends in fashion - and that's the same case for tights and stockings. What you see at the top of the search are the most purchased products for years. It's hard to understand what the fashion trends are on Amazon.

Number of products offered
It is much easier list a product in online store than on Amazon. Amazon requires certain formats of photos that not all manufacturers offer - for tights and stockings must be in standing position, on white background.

Amazon delivery times are great. However, if you order 5 items, it often happens that you receive 5 different deliveries. Not always comfortable and the environmental impact... 

Both have advantages and disadvantages - buying hosiery on Amazon or from online retailers. We also sell on Amazon under the name Nylon Addict - but our range is much broader here. And we do offer better prices in our online shop.

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