Men wearing tights - is it normal?

Around 30% of our customers are men, and many of them buy tights for themselves. I am often getting questions what do I think about men wearing tights.

Based on my experience here are couple of thoughts about men wearing tights:

1. Is it normal for men to like wearing tights? What I can say it is quite common and I've never thought about it as something weird.

2. Men are usually much nicer customers than women. They appreciate the advice and choose more carefully their tights and stockings. They are also more loyal and often come back to buy more. 

3. Offer of tights for men is quite limited. We are offering few items - yet it's nothing compared to the wide offer of tights and stockings for women. That is why I always advise men to try women tights and stockings. They will most likely fit.

4. When you are buying tights as a man for the first time - what I would recommend for men who don't know which brand of tights to choose - is to try few of them. Buy basic (cheapest) tights from each brand to determine the right size. It is important - men are taller than women and not all tights will fit them. Gatta, Gabriella, Fiore - these brands of tights usually fit men pretty well. 

5. As a man, you'd probably need tights that are more "covering"  - either to cover hair or muscles. What works really well is to choose tights, there are glossy/ shiny - they're definitely bestsellers among men.

6. Last but not least - ask questions. I am here to answer.  Use the blog comments for questions.


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