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Floral Pattern Tights Fiore Ariel 30 DEN Off-White

Floral Pattern Tights Fiore Ariel 30 DEN Off-White

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Break away from conventions and classics. Try out tights with intricate floral ornaments. Ariel is a girl who, in the movie Footloose, gets caught up in the idea that life needs at least a little bit of madness. We believe you might think the same way.

  • 30-Den tights with floral pattern extending along the entire length of the legs and the panty section, avoiding the sudden cutoff of the motif and maximizing the length of your legs and perfect to by worn with body following the "no pants" trend.
  • 88% Polyamide, 12% Elastane
  • Brand: Fiore
  • ✔️Oeko-Tex certificate

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